Sunday, December 9, 2018

Occasional Cortex is acting very presidential

Tweeting like Trump.

Enemies list like Nixon.


  1. I was going to say "brainwashed followers like Obama". Or perhaps "kool-aid drinkers like Obama".

    One of the places I work has a very high concentration of young people - college aged young people. One day in the general conversation O-C's name came up, and one of the young girls piped up and said "District 15 - that's where I live! I voted for her! It's so great to have a latina in Congress!"

    I have to admit - I was dumbfounded. Intellectually I understand that people from that district in New York actually exist, but Ohio, Pennsylvania, southern Ontario, and two Great Lakes form somewhat of a buffer between me and them, and I can compartmentalize them "over there" where I don't have to deal with them. But to have one in close proximity puts the reality of all that they are and all they want to do much closer than is comfortable.

    Its sort of a political/social version of Chronic Wasting Disease. You see it coming but there isn't anything you can do about it.

    1. It IS great having a Latina in congress. The problem is WHICH Latina.

      I worked with a lady named Grace Lieblein and she was thoroughly awesome.

      I have absolutely no reservations about supporting Latina like Grace!

      The deal is that EEO forces industry to vacuum up all Latinas with two brain cells to rub together. That leaves mighty slim pickings for the public sector.

    2. I re-read that and saw that I didn't make my point clear. I wasn't talking about Latinas per se, but the muddle-headedness that can't see beyond genetics and into the consequences of entrusting any elective office, much less that of a U.S. Representative, to such as O-C.

      To her great credit, the young person in question came in to work on Monday and immediately and without any trace of leftist outrage asked me what I thought of the whole Mueller investigation and impeachment. I asked her "Impeachment for what? The President has committed no crimes." She said "Yeah, after all this time, if Mueller would have found something it would have been all over the news." We had a pleasant conversation after that, and agreed that there isn't much integrity in either politics or the media, and we didn't like that fact much at all.

      So perhaps there is still some hope for millenials...


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