Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Shoe repair fail

The repair delaminated

I am 95% sure I failed to remove the mold-release from the back of the tire patch as the adhesive stuck to the ground-down shoe sole with the tenacity of a landlord hanging onto a damage deposit. The adhesive did not stick to the tire patch.
Back to the drawing board. Next try will be with sandpaper unless my loyal readers can direct me to a solvent that is likely to work. Then we can have a horse race.

Gratuitous flower picture

The weather is downright balmy outside today. It was warm enough to fool this dandelion.


  1. Best stick to an abrasive. If you really want a solvent try to find methyl isobuytl ketone or methyl ethyl ketone. Use only with very good ventilation, they are really nasty actors.

  2. Surface heat treatment with a torch.

  3. Do you have a good, old time shoe repairman you could consult? Say one you regularly use to maintain quality boots. If you have a good relationship he might give you tips for your DIY repair of Walmart specials. BTW I like those Ozark Trail hikers myself, use them instead of sneakers in warm weather.

  4. Brake Klean (spray) works well for me. also plain old Isopropyl 90% from the drugstore. And that is cheap too.

    But Ed B has an excellent idea of warming with a torch first.

    Beware MEK and MIK. LOTS of ventilation is a Good Thing with those (like outdoors in a 30 MPH wind). They can kill ya.


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