Saturday, December 15, 2018

NPC Women: Its the debt, stupid

It is human nature to rationalize the virtue of good attendance when you don't have a choice.

Captain Capitalist has a provocative post titled There are Only NPC Women to Date.

The K-College education industry alone has spent trillions of dollars over the past 50 years indoctrinating women to become men, putting their careers ahead of family, their educations ahead of individuals, and their politics ahead of love.
He also points out the staggering debt load these women carry.

I am not going to argue that the debt was wisely incurred.

But I will listen to anybody who wants to make a case that temporarily freezing the interest on student debt for women who want to shift tracks to mommy-hood is in our national self-interest.

I bounced the idea off Belladonna. She suggested a maximum of a five year freeze. That way the woman can have one child and get him/her into preschool before the loan starts re-accruing interest or she can have several children in that interval.

Even a trapped muskrat will fight. Women who carrying large amounts of student loan debt may feel trapped into putting a higher priority on their work than on husbands and children.

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