Friday, December 7, 2018

Belladonna tossing turkeys in Grand Rapids

I got to watch Belladonna do her athlete thing.

This is her first competition of the year. She was not tossing dwarfs this time but turkeys.

There were approximately forty other athletes in her age class.

Watching her warm up I noticed she was limping. She has been in a boot for the last four weeks because of a stress fracture. It was clearly giving her pain.

She did six places better than her seed.

I attribute it with her voluminous experience in dealing with turkeys. Technique counts for much. A quick, sharp rap to the back of the head calmed them before she makes the toss. Few other athletes had such surety and economy of motion.

Kubota and I take full credit for her over-performing. We have the lumps to prove it.

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