Wednesday, December 5, 2018

St Nicolas Eve

December 5 is St. Nicholas Eve.

That is the evening when good Catholic parents fill their children's footwear with candies and such.

Secular society moved the tradition to Christmas and the boots to stockings hung by the fireplace. St Nicholas was from Myra which is now in Turkey rather than Dutch...but somehow we make it all work out.

If all goes well I will make a run to Grand Valley today and drop off Reese Cups, Strawberry Twizzlers and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The foil wrapped chocolates simulate the gold coins St Nick tossed through the window to provide dowry for three young girls thereby saving them from a life of prostitution. Many of the legends around St. Nick involve threes...perhaps as a nod toward the Trinity.

There might also be a few small bottles of Amaretto, Bailey's and Tia Maria (THREE) for AFTER the Physics final.

Next week, Wednesday, Belladonna will have surgery to remove a growth from her neck. While no complications are expected the surgeon scheduled 24 hours in ICU after the surgery for recovery.

This is a high stress time for her. She will be walking out of finals week and into surgery.

Prayers appreciated from those who pray. Good thoughts appreciated from those who aren't the praying types.


  1. Oh man, that stinks, a physics final and then surgery. Prayers are being said.

  2. Prayers for Belladonna! I'm sure everything will go well.


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