Monday, December 10, 2018

The Radical Left has Borderline Personality Disorder

Suppose you were to go to a Christmas Party and see somebody that you rarely encounter: A Psychiatrist.

Then, after collecting a glass of punch for the shrink you decide you paid for the right to ask a couple of questions. Doctors and lawyers hate this.

You describe the symptoms of a hypothetical person:
  • Continuously testing every relationship for unconditional love
  • Every test followed by another testing for potential abandonment
  • Their love-object failing the test, which is inevitable given the ever increasing difficulty, results in punishment
  • Rapid mood swings through intense anger, depression and emptiness
  • Impulsiveness and danger seeking
  • Intense jealousy
  • Incredibly demanding in relationships
It is likely that the shrink would say that sounds like Borderline Personality Disorder.

BPD is unfortunately named. There is nothing "Borderline" or "Just a little bit" about the disorder.

The classic BPD patient is the one who draws their partner away from reality by demanding that they be their partner's everything. They cut off friends and family. The DEMAND everything from them.

In the end, they demand that their love-object choose between reality and the relationship. By then, there is so little reality left that the love-object's choice is a flip of the coin.

The BPD's dysfunctional sense of time means that any sense of security from passing a test is increasingly temporary and failing the tests elicit increasingly violent outbursts.

As an organization, many elements of the left exhibit behaviors that suggest they have Borderline Personality Disorder.

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