Thursday, December 27, 2018

What did YOU get for Christmas?


  1. I got a nice keychain from The Mrs. I got her a bottle of scotch. I bet she shares the scotch . . .

  2. A quiet, peaceful day with a full belly and pleasant company. My 'wants' are not material.

    And your Christ-mas?

    1. I was given the gift of some memories and some insights.

      I was struck by Mary and Joseph's acceptance of God's plan when their only communication was via a dream. Who sleeps long enough to have vivid dreams anymore?

      I told Mrs ERJ that the first sign she was in the family way would be when I lost the power of speech. I, for one, would struggle to believe the voices in my dreams or in my prayers.

      I pleased Mrs ERJ when I cut up the ham so she could make her traditional ham loaves.

      Kubota received a new bed and decided to remodel his bedroom. Much banging and a few bad words resulted...but not by me.


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