Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Did Germany win World War 2.1

Britain wants out of the EU.

Significant numbers of French citizens feel strangled by the EU.

The economies of Southern Europe are nearly catatonic and cannot debase their currency to inflate their way out of debt because they are welded to the EU and Euro.

Who is the winner?

The thousands and thousands of anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels and German industry and German investors/savers.  They are the winners.

So far.


  1. Correction: Some Brits want out of the EU. The vote was close, very close, and it appears that the Theresa May's government is dragging their heels. Were I the Monarch, I'd tell May to get it done, or risk the wrath of the crown. She's virtually toothless, but the Crown still holds some sway.

    Parish is burning, no doubt, ostensibly over a fuel tax, but I feel that the problem is much deeper. We may be seeing the first spasms of the crumbling of European socialism. France and Germany went to war twice in the last century and there is no reason to think that the current generation remembers the horrors. History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

  2. Hmm... an interesting point.
    I agree with pawpaw that big changes are coming to Europe, but I have no idea how they will play out.
    Given how much the vote varied among regions of Britain, I think it is yet another sign of tension there (like the almost passed Scottish independence vote) - I suspect that changes are afoot within Britain as well as within the EU.
    I would not be surprised to see more European countries devolve into regional governments like what happened to the former Yugoslavia, though hopefully without the bloodshed.

  3. Big changes, and the current 'Brexit' plan really isn't one. It's been gutted...


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