Saturday, August 18, 2018

Weekend plans

We picked up an inch of rain last night.  We needed it.

Lost cell phone
I misplace my cell phone.  I hope I left it at mom and dad's although I might have dropped it outside.

I will likely never find it if I dropped it outside.  I was stomping around in the pucker-brush yesterday before the rain.

If I left it at mom and dads there is no telling if I will find it or where I will find it.  I have multiple alarms set on the device but they will not hear it go off if they have taken out their hearing aids.  My guess is that I will find it in the refrigerator because electronic devices rattle them and they won't even try to figure out which button turns it off.

I will be making a trip into Lansing today.  Not only to look for my cell phone but to check on a trap I set for a woodchuck and to look for my pair of long handled loppers.

I purchased a laptop before the trip to Maryland.  It really was not in the budget but Mrs ERJ encouraged me to buy one anyway.  I economized a little bit by not purchasing MS Office.  Rather, I loaded Libre Office Suite which is why the formatting on some of the posts looks funny.

I used it to keep up on the Stub series and to entertain myself in the hotel.

One of the things Mrs ERJ likes about it is that I can cruise the internet and blog from my living room recliner.  That is, while in the same room where Mrs ERJ is reading.  She says that is much more companionable than my being in a different room.

I think she still likes me.

Price of brass
I was on-line yesterday and looked up the price of once-fired brass.  I was amazed at the low cost.  100, .308 Winchester, all same head-stamp for $10.

I will try to get some pictures around the place.  This past week has been hectic with the road-trip to Maryland and then three days of elder care.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the lost phone. That sucks! Glad you made it through the week!


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