Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Stub 1.8: Nuffin goes to heaven

Ideka Nuffin thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Nuffin subscribed to a scheduling app that collected requests for her time.  Artificial intelligence parsed how she had allocated her time in the past and attempted to stack the more desirable offers on the top.

The software coughed up a hairball when it received multiple demands on Nuffin’s time.  It locked up due to “lack of parameters” until Nuffin had manually selected the parties she wished to attend.

Part of the software’s dilemma was that Nuffin had never had to choose between two different invitations.  It had no basis for discriminating.


Ideka had a bleak and lonely childhood.

Classmates quickly ostracized her.  The world children inhabit is small and very caste-bound.  Ideka quickly alienated her early classmates with her complete lack of physical and sexual boundaries.  In the words of her early classmates, she was “icky”.

That changed briefly in middle-school.  Very briefly.

The girls still detested her but the boys suddenly found Ideka’s aggressive sexuality irresistible.  That is, until she pulled out a knife, having been unable to ‘borrow’ her mother’s handgun, and dropped the boom on one of her young sexual partners.  The second time she pulled a knife it was in public.  There were no adults present, just boys.

Afterward, the only students who would give Ideka any attention were new boys.  New girls instantly sensed Ideka’s pathology.  Boys are essentially clueless and it took them just a little longer…perhaps one day…to get the memo that Ideka was a no-go zone.  Ideka had the social capital of a maggot riddled corpse and that hurt.

As arid as her childhood was, it could have been worse.  Ideka’s mother forbid Ideka from using social media and routinely went through Ideka’s personal belongings and destroyed any device that might, maybe, be able to connect to the internet.

Ideka’s mother did not do it out of a sense of protectiveness, at least not toward her daughter.  Ideka’s mother did it because she knew that Ideka would upload porn and that went against everything Ideka’s mother believed in.  “NEVER GIVE ANYTHING AWAY FOR FREE!!!”

As Ideka’s mother grew more wealthy she had occasion to speak with attorneys.  They reinforced her phobia regarding her daughter establishing an on-line presence.  The attorneys told her that every on-line picture or video greatly increases the chances of authorities being tweaked to her blackmail activities.

The attorneys also pointed out that some of Ideka’s mother’s Johns were not “nice” people.  They were capable of destroying Ideka and her mother if they had sufficient information.  The attorneys cautioned Ideka’s mother to take every precaution to fly beneath the radar.

Consequently, Ideka never saw what was written about her on social media.  The closest she ever came to knowing is when one of the cooler upper classman wrote in her freshman yearbook “Scores 1000 on the Creep-O-Meter” and drew a quick sketch where the needle on a meter had cleaved through the peg on the high end.  She never bought another yearbook.

Ideka learned quickly after leaving high school.  She started her own “business”.  Not having a child of her own she leased the children of destitute migrants.  She never bothered to learn Spanish.  In her mind she was able to communicate everything that was necessary with gestures and by hurting them.

Her net wealth rose rapidly.  She did not have to relearn the painful and expensive lessons her mother had learned the hard way.

The 6000 square-foot luxury condo in Hancock Park belonged to a John.  She had the nicest neighbors and a very small circle of friends.  Those friends were divorcees who were fifteen years older than she was.  They had been dumped by their husbands for newer models.  Nuffin felt quite at home when they gathered for “brunch”.  To a woman, they hated men and were beyond cynical.

Other than that, any social invitations Ideka received were the result of her threatening and coercing Johns.  It is hard to feel valued and wanted when you have to buy-and-pay-for every invitation.

And then she was appointed pro-tem representative.  Her phone was ringing off the hook.  She was the most popular girl in town.  The most powerful and popular people around Hancock Park were lining up to spend time with her.  They were competing for her attention!

It was a sweet, sweet balm for her tortured soul.  Nuffin had found her home, found her tribe.

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