Thursday, August 23, 2018

College, welding and yellow jackets

If all goes well, today will be Kubota's first day of college.  He opted for the Vocational track and his plan is to become a welder.  College is an experience that expands students.  It expands the debt of liberal arts students and it expends the income potential of vocational students.

Kubota might switch vocational tracks and that would be OK.  Young guys seem enchanted with welding.  Perhaps because it supplies its own fireworks. 

Welding can demand a lot of flexibility and sometimes the air quality is poor.  I think some of the other trades pay better and have better portability.  But Kubota is of an age where he hears those concerns from peers better than from me. It is all good.

Today and tomorrow are elder-care days.  Blogging will be light.

I got whacked by yellow jackets again.

The embarrassing thing is that the yellow jackets were from the same hole as before.  I thought I had dealt with that problem.

My brother lives in the city and finds it awkward to deal with corpses.  So he gave me a call and asked if I could dispose of one.  I readily agreed.  They make great fertilizer.

I was in the orchard and pondering which tree would most appreciated the extra fertility when the yellow jackets started blasting my right arm.  One little bugger rode me into the house and nailed me in the kitchen.  I may have said a bad word.

My counter measure this time was to mix some Sevin concentrate with a quart of dry sawdust and I buried the hole.  Watching from a distance, it gave me great satisfaction to see the yellow jackets flying a search pattern over the pile, trying to figure out where the hole was.  Then they would land and move a bit of rubble before succumbing to the insecticide.

Least you be concerned, the corpse was a woodchuck.


  1. Good luck to Kubota. My son thought he wanted to be an accountant (like Mom and Dad) but figured out that wasn't a fit for him. He went to community college and is now a Bobcat mechanic. He is much happier with how things turned out.

  2. Welding Seems to be very popular. There is a waiting list for welding classes at the college my where my daughter attends here in southern Mississippi. The July 16 blog at has a cartoon that may show why. I printed it out and told her to put it on the outside of a binder.

  3. ERJ, Just in case your wasp solution isn't all you hoped it to be...

  4. Those suckers are fierce and it makes one wonder, why did God put them here?

    1. Hi Milton: I am glad that you still pop in occasionally. Those little dudes eat the flies that pester cattle and horses. I am not sure why God wired them with 480V.


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