Monday, August 27, 2018

Our days of innocence

I remember being disturbed watching the hyper-sexualization of twelve and thirteen-year-old girls on TV.

Progressives want to "educate" lower elementary students about alternative sexualities.  That is in spite of mainstream culture telling us that most girls aren't ready for the rough-and-tumble of "normal sexuality" before they are 14 and most boys at least two years later.


Random thought added later:  I wonder if there is an adult lurking in the background who advised or encouraged this child to "come out".


  1. I saw this article and it surprised me. At 52, I'm a long ways away from my old 9 year old world, but I don't remember it being that stressful. The adults in the room failed this kid.

    1. I completely agree. I suspect many of the adults had their own agendas and saw this kid as a pawn. Pawns are expendable.

      I wish these articles would dig just a little deeper. Where did this kid learn about "gay" and "hetero" and all that? Who convinced this kid he was gay, even though most nine year olds are (mostly) androgynous. If the "responsible adult" was a professional, where were they trained? Who were their professors? Don't they have culpability?

    2. Good questions. Is Mom gay or some sort of activist? He also had a tough 4th grade class. I don't recall ever telling anyone to "just kill themselves" at that age. In fact, I find that very odd. Most kids at that age don't really care about differences and aren't going to suggest things like that. That comes later on, middle school and into the teenage years.

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  3. When did 9 year old boys start becoming sexually aware?

    I figured out I was heterosexual at age 12, when my friend's sister walked by in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. Nostrils flared an everthing...


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