Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The end of an ugly primary season

Michigan's primaries were held yesterday.

Michigan's primaries are within party.  Unlike some states where the top two (or three) vote-getters, even if they are from the same party, have a run-off during the main election.

We saw tremendous amounts of mud-slinging during the primaries.  The sad thing is that it reinforces what "the other party" will throw at the candidate in the "real" election.
John James, the Republican candidate.
Debbie Stabenow, the senior US Senator from Michigan.
In the US Senate primary, the Republicans chose a charismatic, Black, Veteran to run against a tired, stale, woman "establishment" Democrat.  The match-up reminds me of the 2008 Democratic Primary when Obama trounced Clinton.

In my home district the Republican, hardcore conservative candidate (Barrett) for State Senate trounced the Tuesday-and-every-other-Thursday conservative 75%-25%.  I was a bit worried because the hardcore guy was being hammered by a barrage of TV ads sponsored by pro-vaccination groups.  The hardcore guy introduced legislation to curb departmental over-reach.  Barrett's money quote was:
"It's not the role of the government to impede that right parents have,"

In the State Representative race the Republican, hardcore 2nd Amendment candidate (Barnes) won.  Christine Barnes' mission has been to train women for concealed carry.  About once a month she runs a "women's only" class.  She even kicks her husband out of the house.  The women's only classes are particularly valuable for women whose family's are anti-gun.  Those women are often very timid and need lots of encouragement...just a different kind of energy.  Barnes' money quote is:

"A true passion of mine is to remove the fear of firearms from my students. I strive to give them the skill set to safely handle and operate a firearm regardless if they are going to concealed carry or learn firearm safety as a life skill."

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