Monday, August 27, 2018

A Russian Perspective on ISIS

Fergana News (Moscow) interviews a Russian expert on the dangers of the caliphate for Russia and Central Asia  LINK

Some of the money quotes:

Andrei Serenko:

Today, Russia should fear not so much IS fighters in Afghanistan as there are attacks from the so-called "sleeping jamaats" already established on the Russian territory, as well as autonomous supporters of IS who can organise an "attack of inspiration" in almost any Russian city with a knife, screwdriver or car...impossible to calculate in advance. The usual methods of police and special services are not always effective

Today, ISIS propagandists in America, Europe and Russia, urge its followers to take knives and screwdrivers and kill "infidels" at the doorways and on the streets. "Take the knife and hit. Have no knife - take a stone. Have no stone - spit in the face," today closed groups in social networks conducted by agitators of the caliphate are full of such directions.

If you ever needed a reason for concealed carry....  No, you aren't going to shoot down 767s about to fly into the World Trade Center with a 9mm but you can decrease the pulmonary efficiency of a terrorist carrying a knife/screwdriver/rock or decrease the optical qualities of a windshield in a vehicle driving down a crowded sidewalk.

There are people...who believe that insignias give them an advantage in the market of services and capital, first of all. Therefore, faced with real threats of terrorist acts, such security units fall into administrative panic, begin to act on the principle of "better oversee than overlook" ( or better to administer than eradicate, i.e. Arab Spring and the arming of 'moderate' terrorists in Syria?) and habitual fraud towards the authorities and public opinion. This tactic is extremely dangerous, and not only because innocent people are subjected to repression as a result, but because the prosecution misses real and not imaginary terrorists.

Figuratively speaking, the law enforcers...strive to erase the project of the IS from the hard drive when it has long gone to the Cloud.

Concealed carry takes the enforcement of the most fundamental of natural laws, self defense, to 'the Cloud.'

IS is more than an ordinary criminal group or a militant religious sect, and approaching it with such patterns means blurring the depth of the problem and refusing to see the whole panorama of the threats that this project brings to civilised society.

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