Thursday, August 2, 2018

Stub 1.9: Parties, Part 2

The algorithms in the scheduling app quickly deduced that “Transportation provided” was mandatory.  Further, it learned that total-net-worth of all expected attendees was very high on the selection criteria.  Titles, certifications and markers of prestige were considered.  Menus with cauliflower or zucchini were negatives.  Moscatto wine and door prizes were a positive.

That very same app was used by the planners of the party and Ideka’s device communicated its findings back to the planners as a matter of course.  Previously, nobody would have given a tinker’s damn.

Suddenly, shops in Hancock Park could not keep golf carts and Segways in stock.  Everybody wanted to buy them.

The crème of Hancock Park was clamoring to get face-time with Ideka.  They had a lot at stake.

Government had grown to be the largest industry in Cali.  It was larger than the next five largest industries put together.  Government oversight in every facet of life demanded incredible numbers of people to collect, collate, analyze and communicate information. 

It had also grown to be incredibly top-heavy as it had to police itself.  The easiest way to remediate documented cases of victimhood or oppression was to simply promote the impacted parties, even if there were no real positions to promote them to.

The upper echelon of the Cali government and academia in SD-LA had chosen Hancock Park for their private homes. It was a very exclusive club that seemed immune to the vagarities and vicissitudes of humanity.

And then the Sedelia war of independence happened and the core of Cali government found itself adrift in a hostile sea.

Casting about for a champion they found Ideka Nuffin.  She had been selected solely based on window dressing.  She fit the bill as “most oppressed status.”

Her performance heartened the Hancock Park crowd.  She was a kamikaze pilot flying to certain death as she jousted with Kenny Lane and that philistine Raymond Rojas.  And then to have her land on the Economics Committee, one of only seven legislators.  That was priceless.

They vowed that she would never attack the citadel unarmed.  They would provide experts and witnesses and financial support.

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