Saturday, August 11, 2018

Swallowtail butterflies and Red Squirrels

This one looks young and fresh
This one is old and battered...the proverbial soiled dove.
A tree frog resting on a hazelnut leaf
Basking in the sunlight.  It is rare to see one of these Red Squirrels resting.
Something is harvesting my pears.  They don't care about the fruit, they are after the seeds.  You can see a pile of unripe fruit the gnawed off on the left side of this frame.  Red Squirrels is my guess.
Zip Lines

One of Eaton Rapids' distinguishing features is the large smoke stack that dominates an old factory on the north side of town.  I think it would be an exciting place to anchor a zip line.
The local brew pub is a potential end point.  That path would take you over tangled metal junk, water and a mill race.  Oh, and you could have a beer to celebrate your survival.
This is the canoe launch is one of the other potential end points.  In either case it would be necessary to trim some trees to ensure zip liners did not get blown into branches or trunks.

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