Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Kerr applecrab

I have three scions of G.935 rootstock (Ottawa 3 X Robusta 5) grafted into the canopy as a pollinator.

Called an applecrab because it is bigger than a crabapple (arbitrarily with a diameter of less than 35mm or inch-and-a-quarter) and smaller than an apple (arbitrarily with a diameter larger than 62mm or two-and-a-half inches),

This tree is bearing every other year.  It will sulk next year.
Kerr is grown in the Canadian prairie provinces and even in Alaska.

Unlike most super-hardy apple varieties, Kerr hangs on the tree well into the winter and stays edible.

Kerr was one of the parents used in  the Vineland series of apple rootstocks.


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    1. Intense. Make great jelly, either alone or in combination with other fruit.

      Mellows in storage, much like Gold Rush.

      Off the tree to eat fresh-out-of-hand...not so great.

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