Monday, August 13, 2018

Stub 2.5, Getting Traction

Raymond, Eric, Al and Javier were walking around reviewing second shift’s work.  They had actually gotten quite a bit done since the boss, Raymond, did not project a hang-dog, loser vibe.

“So how are we going to document that two Master Electrician’s actually approved the work?” Raymond asked.

“I suppose we could take a picture of it.” Javier said.  “If we have ‘geo’ turned on it will store the GPS coordinates in the .EXF extension.  Then a couple of thumb prints and someplace to archive them and we should be good-to-go.”

“Wouldn’t take long to walk the rooms together and release them to the drywallers.” Javier said.

Raymond and Eric watched Al and Javier inspect the electrical work with a fine-toothed comb. 

Raymond made an executive decision.  “Take the pictures and thumb-print them just like you said.”  He pulled out his phone and called Kenny.

“Hey Kenny.  Glad I caught you awake.  This is Raymond Rojas.  I gotta ask for a favor.” Raymond said.

“Whaddya need, buddy?  You know I am here for ya.” a scratchy voice on the other end of the phone answered,

“I need somebody to set up a database like right now.  I stumbled into the fact that we don’t have any system for electrical inspection….” Raymond was saying.

Al mouthed “Or seismic or plumbing or….”

“…and a bunch of other critical issues.  I talked to a couple of Master Electricians and they proposed a solution.  I like the solution and it is plenty good enough to work until we come up with something better.”

“Database?” the scratchy voice said.  “Hang on.  I gotta three-way this call.”

“Dilip.  Got your ears on?” the scratchy voice said.

“I am here.” a refined, British voice came across the phone.  Dilip obviously had been educated in the British commonwealth.

“I got Raymond Rojas on the line and he has a burning need for a crack IT guy.  I picked you.  Listen to what they think they need and then make it work.” the scratchy voice said.

“So,” the British voice said, “how may I help you gentlemen this evening?”

“I need an email address to send a butt-load of photos.  The photos document electrical inspections and approvals by Master Electricians at the Venice complex.   The photos have EXF extensions and thumbprints.  We need some way to reference the photos and securely archive them.” Raymond said.

“Child’s play.” Dilip said.  “There, I just set up an email address.  Send the pictures to   I have a crew to handle it from there.”

“I don’t mean to be pushy, but I want to give you my direct number in case any issues pop up.  I have an interest in what you are doing.” Dilip said.

Raymond said to the Master Electricians "Put round, green stickers on the breaker boxes when you finish.  Then release each room as you finish it to the drywallers.  This project is way behind and I don't want to lose a minute." 

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