Monday, August 20, 2018

Stub 3.1: Adrift

While Ideka Nuffin was partying with her new friends, Raymond went back to the job site to check on the work.

He was met by Gary Haskell, the Project Manager at the door. Gary politely, and firmly threw him out.

“Raymond, you need a life.” Gary said. “You won’t be worth a broke-Richard to me when you burn yourself out.”

“But it is more than that.” Gary added. “Your constant checking and micromanaging is emasculating your crew-leads on other shifts. Not only that, but covering you on your “off” days is my responsibility and your coming back is a vote of no-confidence and is cutting my balls off.”

“Hire the best people. Give them good tools, materials and instructions and then cut them loose. If you cannot trust them then I need a different point-guy here.” Haskell finished.

Raymond had never heard it put that way; that his aggressive bird-dogging was undercutting his people’s authority. He was completely lost as he trudged away from the job site.

He took in an AA meeting but there were few people he recognized. He raised a question but nobody suggested they go to coffee afterward.

Raymond walked the streets of LA for several hours before he was tired enough to turn home and attempt to fall asleep.

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