Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beatings will continue until moral improves

Things are tight for budget over the next few months.

Like most citizens of the United States, our health insurance has large deductibles that start January first.  We pay the full-freight until that deductible is met.  Needless to say we have less discretionary cash in the early part of the year.  I wonder if this effect is large enough to be found in macro, economic measurements.

We owed Federal taxes this year.

The minivan needed $1400 worth of work.  $250 for tires and the remainder for wheel bearings, tie-rod ends and alignment.

In the house:
Wiring diagram for the furnace, dated 1/74
  • Dishwasher...the good news is that the thermal snap-disc is holding just fine.  This is one problem that may be fixed!
  • The furnace fan.  New item just last night.  It will not go/stay on.  Power is not getting to the fan motor in "Fan on" mode but works in "Heat" mode.  Needs more trouble-shooting.  This will be a big deal in when pollen counts go up.
  • Two toilets leaking.  One is fixed except the valve on the feed line is dripping.  Our water is hard enough that this might resolve itself.  I am holding off on the second toilet for a bit.  We have three toilets so I can afford to be patient.
  • We switched internet service providers from Brand V to Brand H.  Two separate dishes were installed and for the first time in my life we have cable (i.e., subscription) TV.  The TV works fine.  The dish for the internet was not fine, primarily because the installer was new and made several mistakes.  It is working OK for now.  Hat-tip to Marville the technician who came out, found and fixed two separate issues.
  • The lid on the washing machine disassembled itself.  It will not cycle unless we jimmy a switch.
The hits just keep coming.  And folks wondered what I would be doing after I retired.


  1. I finally solved my internet problems out here in the boondocks.
    Got a new Verison account for a hotspot. Needed a Wilson booster bought online. Now have 4G with 4 bars and unlimited gigs. Finally can watch things like Netflix on the smart TV and news on the computer without interruptions. Just great so far. $80/month.

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