Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ISP Update

One problem was found.  The ground clamp was pushed onto the cover plate of a 45 year old breaker box.  Actually, it was two problems.  The cover plate was draped over the box and not attached to the box so not only was the paint not broken between the ground clamp and the cover, the cover was not in electrical contact with the breaker box.

The clamp + wire  fell when I loosened the connection on the other end of the ground wire.  The clamp and wire fell behind the water accumulator.

 I purchased a ground clamp to attach to a copper water pipe that ran 18" away. 

Copper water pipe polished with sandpaper and a cast clamp screwed down brighty-tighty as they say in the welding biz.
784 milliseconds for a ping is pathetic.  4.88 Mbps would be acceptable if I got a bigger slice of service.  Nevertheless, service was slightly better than yesterday.

The system still failed the upload test.  It timed out the three times I attempted it.

I had hoped to post this via the new provider but the connection kept timing out when trying to upload 92 kb versions of these images (640X480).  Consequently I had to plug back into Brand V.

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