Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ruger 10/22 or AR-15?

This is a hypothetical question at this point and I want input from my readers. 

Suppose an eighteen year old had a few dollars in his pocket and wanted to buy his first firearm.  Furthermore, suppose the eighteen year old is prudent and wants to purchase a gun that will last fifty years.  Not only that, but the gun would not be a "safe queen".  It would get used.
Synthetic stock, stainless barrel and action and barrel threaded for a suppessor is my current thinking for a fifty year gun.

Would you advise a Ruger 10/22?  .22 LR ammo is likely to be around fifty years from now and the price is likely to be more inexpensive than anything else except .177 pellets.  There are a lot more things that need shooting that .22 LR can handle than things that are too big for the .22 to handle.
Is it "An Evil Black Rifle" if it is not black?
Or would you advise an AR-15 platform like a 5.55 DPMS Oracle?

Another question involves accessories.  Both the 10/22 and the AR have hundreds of add-ons or mods.  How would you trick it out?  What kind of iron sights? What kind of scope?  Barrel?  Stock? Trigger?

From the standpoint of optics, the SIG Romeo5 looks interesting.  $140 will buy you a Red Dot type scope that is motion activated.  Great for home storage because that gives an estimated battery life of 40,000 hours (4.5 years).  Not so great for a "truck gun" because trucks bounce and would light up the scope.


  1. AR...with a holo/red dot if 200 yards and less and kill zone is comparable to a 5 inch circle....if smaller scope like the Millet or Nikon BDC

  2. I'd second the AR. You can always get a .22LR conversion kit for it, which you can't do the other way around. Fun, easy to shoot, accessories and parts everywhere and can be the go-to rifle for just abut everything. I'd suggest an Aimpoint Pro in addition to the backup iron sights, more expensive than the SIG, which also looks good, but the PRO has a great longstanding reputation and works very nicely.

  3. I'd have to disagree. 10/22 for a starter rifle. Less costly, good right out of the box and a decent scope can be had for less than $100 dollars. There is nothing wrong with a .22 for home defense, considering that 10-20 rounds, even at only 1100fps, ARE going to get the bad guy's attention. Plus, you don't know of the 'attraction' to rifles will continue or not.