Friday, April 7, 2017

Fake News Friday: Of Course Trump is a Fascist

"Well of course Trump is a Fascist!!" Bob said.  All of us at coffee were stunned because Bob is one of Trump's biggest fan-boys.

"You remember when I blew out both of my shoulders when I dumped the Harley?" he asked.

We nodded.  Frankly, it was a very bad period for Bob.  He had been so negative and despairing that nobody wanted to be around him.

"The surgery went well but I just was not recovering strength or range of motion.  And then I switched Physical Therapists.  I got this Filipino woman who was the Count de Sades reincarnated.  God, that woman hurt me.  I called her every name in the book: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot...and yes, I called her a Fascist."

"And then I started getting better.  I started getting better fast.  Later, she told me that there can be no progress until the patient breaks the adhesions and scar tissue loose. And that is what hurts."

"That is what Trump is doing.  He is breaking loose the adhesions."


  1. Nothing breaks loose those pesky adhesions like 59 Tomahawks, I suppose.

  2. No surprise on the fake news... sigh