Monday, April 3, 2017

Proud daddy bragging up his daughter

Belladonna had a GREAT weekend.

But before I get to that, I want to announce that she was on the Dean's list for last semester.  Academics are a priority.

Other than academics
Bella is involved some extracurricular activities.

Things have not always gone well.  She got pissed off at the leader.  She got pissed off at the other people in the activity.  What she did NOT do was quit.  Ever.  She kept grinding along even when it seemed like there was little hope.  She may have complained to us but mostly she kept her mouth shut and  kept telling herself, "Sweat now so I don't bleed later."

After almost two years of slogging along and paying her dues she is breaking out into the sunlight.  She placed sixth in one event (multiple Universities involved) and fourth in the other event.  Her performance in the second event broke into the Grand Valley State University Top Ten (of all time) for that event.  It also puts her at 16th in the Nation for 2017...and she is only a sophomore.

So not only is she brilliant and beautiful...she is blessed with a sunny disposition and has "grit".

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