Sunday, April 9, 2017 An on-line, small-town newspaper

I saw while watching my back-trail.  Every so often I look at Blogger Statistics to see what websites my readers came from.  This is a neat way to find some smaller websites that are real gems.  I think Emmitsburg is one of those gems.

I especially enjoyed the Humor and My Little Sister's Jokes sections.  Here is an example of one of the jokes

Bubba and Earl were sitting out on a back road drinking some moonshine.
All at once there was a tapping on the window.
"Bubba I think there is a ghost tapping on the window!"
Sure enough a wizened face with long flowing white hair was there just out side the window.
Bubba shoved his foot down on the gas and immediately was doing 60 miles and hour.
"Step on it!" "He's still out there!" Earl shouted
And sure enough, there was another tapping at the window.
Bubba shoved his foot to the floor again! This time he was doing ninety (90) miles an hour.
Still the ghostly figure tapped on the window.
"You better giver 'er some more gas!" Earl yelled, "He's still out there."
"I can't go any faster Earl, I've got her up to 120 miles an hour.
About that time the little old man motioned for the Earl to roll the window down, which he did.
"Say Boys!" the man asked, "I was wanting to know, do you need a shove to get out of this mud hole?"

As a small-town newspaper they don't waste many pixels on national issues.  They do, however, offer a significant section on "Thoughtful Writings", most of which are written by Pastors and other spiritual leaders.  The "Thoughtful Archive" is broken into the following categories:

  • Environment
  • Food 
  • Animals and pets
  • Spiritual
I highly recommend this site when you need to clean the taste of mega-corporate MSM out of your mouth.

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