Monday, April 24, 2017

Pictures: 305 Growing Degree Days (B42)

Trout Lily also known as Dogtooth Violet also known as Erythronium americanum  Sadly, I have none of these growing on my property.  These photos were from our walk.
The earliest blooming apples are in full bloom.  This is a crabapple (Malus X robusta) that has a branch of Liberty grafted on the left side of the tree.  Liberty is considered early for a domestic apple and it is still several days behind the Malus baccata, M. X robusta, and M. prunifolia.

This a tree of Trailman, one of the super-hardy varieties out of Canada.  It has much Malus baccata in its background.
The latest pears are in full bloom.  That would include Harrow Sweet, Shenandoah and Concorde.

The fragrant viburnums are in bloom.  That includes the hybrids with V. carlesii in their backgrounds.  I planted one of these because they were in bloom at the hospital when my oldest son was born.  It must have been a very late year because they usually bloom one-to-two weeks before his birthday.
Kids playing on the oil well
Darned if I know why they took off their shoes.
This picture was taken Sunday morning.  I hauled a metric ton of brush.  Mrs ERJ limbed out and dewhiskered fire wood.  I was able to mow most of the yard today.

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