Monday, April 17, 2017


Prunus americana "South Dakota" on the left.  Prunus hybrid "Obilinaja" on the right.  Approximately 200 Degree Days (base 42F).  Based on its slower development, it is reasonable to expect that Prunus americana selections would be less likely to be damaged by frosts.
Rock Elm graft inside of a tree tube.  This tree tube will be repurposed soon.
These were five footers that I cut in half.  The pear tree on the left has flower buds.
Peach seedlings.  They are sisters and obviously the one on top has much showier flowers.  The mother is a variety named "Madison".  One quirk of peaches is that the seedlings tend to be uniformly delicious.  They might not be red and they might be a little smaller than supermarket peaches.  Peaches are self-fertile and hundreds of generations of selection resulted in nearly all of the "bad" genes being eliminated from the gene pool. 

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