Friday, April 21, 2017

Fake News Friday: Throat Punch will instantly incapacitate humans

"I know this is a kill-shot.  I saw it on Madea. But I am a-gonna close my eyes because I deplore violence."

Wait for it
Hmmm!  That did not work out according to the script.  Her hands are still on his throat.
Why is the media treating her like some kind of Christian Martyr?  She hit him first.

Score at the end of the first round:

Skool of Wymen's studies + Tyler Perry skool of martial arts + "gender is a social construct" = 0
Angry, young man = 1

Lest I seem cold and heartless
I have a few nieces who could find themselves gulled into attending one of these protests.  I also have a daughter and son (sigh!) who have a few Quixotic bones in them.  I pray that they are smart enough to know that people who wear masks rarely come to a good end.

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