Monday, April 24, 2017

Careful, you might get what you ask for

One of our small-town Romeos dumped his girlfriend a few months ago because she was too demanding.

He undoubtedly believed the grass was greener outside the relationship.

After breaking up he found that benefits were harder to come by than his friends had led him to believe.  Perhaps it is because he now had a reputation for dumping girlfriends.  Maybe it was because he looked like he needed a good dose of worming medicine; he projected the aura of over-cooked spaghetti, pale and languid.

He tried to get back together with his old girlfriend.  She wanted nothing to do with him.

Nobody every accused Romeo of being the sharpest knife in the drawer but he was smart enough to go on-line and research what others had done in similar situations.

He texted his ex-GF and told her that he was despondent (not a word he would normally use) and was thinking of ending it all.

A short time later Romeo heard from the girl's dad.  The dad informed Romeo that the dad saw suicide as a viable option.  In fact, if Romeo wanted to die all he had to do was text the dad's daughter one more time.  Ever.  (Menacing glower inserted here)

Better than a protective order from a judge.  The young man now cruises parking lots to ensure that  the ex-GF (or any of her family) is not in the store before parking his vehicle.  He was standing in the checkout line at the auto parts place when the ex-GF's grandfather walked in the door.  Romeo laid his items down on the counter and left without speaking.

Nothing like the threat of brutal, physical violence to rekindle a young man's sense of self preservation.

I consider that a happy ending.


  1. Learning to take "No" for an answer is indeed a very valuable lesson in life. Also learning that trying to guilt trip your way back into a relationship is also a non-starter is similarly valuable.

  2. I think the girl learned something too. She learned that there is a price with being too free with your favors. She learned that no matter how much you are bringing to the relationship you still cannot turn the other partner into a puppet.

    I applaud the dad for preventing the second half of the first cycle of what could have become a string of abusive relationships for his daughter.

    Patterns. Better to avoid certain patterns of behavior.

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