Monday, April 3, 2017

Rain is proof that God loves Gardeners

Back in Salamander's Orchard today.

11 Geneva 935 rootstock were planted where trees had died and been removed.

Stump of removed tree on right.

This is what a bundle of fifteen apple rootstock looks like.
This shot was included so you can see what the roots look like when they are spread out in the hole.  There are not very many of them and they are thread-like, but they are enough to get the job done.
These are scheduled to get grafted in about two weeks.  I have plenty of Enterprise, Nova Spy, Gold Rush and a little bit of Honey Crisp (Salamander's favorite) scion wood.

Then I was able to plant ten hybrid hazelnut bushes into the Autumn Olive windbreak on the west side of the orchard.  These are from the National Arbor Day Foundation.
They pretty much disappeared when planted because the windbreak is an unruly melange of autumn olive, mulberries, hackberry, cherry, grapes, poison ivy, Virginia creeper, Rubus, pokeweed, nettles, burdock.
The windbreak also includes some rarer species like Ironwood.
And Hardy Rubber Trees.
I need to do some cutting so the seedlings are not shaded by the taller brush.

This is what I ran into on the drive back home.

Rain is proof that God loves gardeners!

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