Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dwarf Tossing

Belladonna had a good weekend.

Neither picture is of Bella.
She PRed twice.  Her best throw was 48.26".

I don't see that it will improve her employability unless she wants to be a bouncer in a bar.  She actually considered that for a while.  It was when she was waitressing in a dueling piano bar.  The bar had three bouncers and they were pretty busy on weekends.  And yes, they would sometimes toss (former) patrons into the street just like the old western movies.

Her thinking was that sometimes a girl can talk a fellow out of doing something stupid.  Sometimes not. 

I think she put the idea of being a bouncer on hold...but she still gets a great deal of satisfaction out of tossing dwarfs and the dwarfs do not seem to mind the attention.   I expect she will continue to compete through the end of May.

At least she is not playing rugby.

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