Monday, September 5, 2022

Yesterday's misadventure


As reported the day before yesterday, I was feeling pretty beat-up so I was looking for tasks that did not involve my being on my feet. Buying a jogging stroller fit the bill.

I found a seller in Burton, Michigan who had not one, not two, but THREE jogging strollers for sale. They were priced to move at $35-to-$40 each versus a price-new of $170-to-$600.

I agreed to be there Sunday at 3:30 PM to look them over.

After attending Mass, I swung by Lansing to pick up Shotgun. Shotgun is almost always "up" for a road-trip.

I was just turning north off of Grand River on to Airport Road when my phone rang. It was Sprite. "Your cows are out. Hie thee back and collect them."

I am deeply humbled that by the time I got back a collection of neighbors and the ever-wise-and-lovely cowgirl Mrs ERJ had chivvied them a quarter mile back to our property AND they were within 40 feet of the pasture entrance. Seconds after I exited my truck the "girls" calmly strolled through the gate into the pasture as calmly as school girls coming off the playground after lunch.

Shotgun and I spent an hour filling water tanks and inspecting fence to ensure the girls stayed in the pasture. Then we set forth once more for Burton.

The gentleman selling the strollers was fine with us showing up later, in part because I informed him I had an emergency and was going to be late. I showed up at 5:00. By 5:06 I was loading my jogging stroller of choice into the back of the S-10.

Today I get to spend time diagnosing how my lady-Houdinis escaped the other paddock.


  1. They’re a surprisingly useful, and robust, tool. Light, nimble, and can carry a heavy load over some quite difficult terrain.

    I remember, when Peter at Bayou, was considering options for off-road transport of goods, suggesting as how they are used quite widely in the Nordic countries (even whist skiing, towed with the optional extras) not just for transporting children, but other gear too.

    I’m surprised no one has built a similar format ‘hiking’ trolley yet.

    My girls (jerseys) are always anything but calm if they escape, becoming "somewhat irate and unpredictable" at the mere suggestion they shouldn't be anywhere they choose to be (and if the traffic is backed up a couple of miles, so what!). Thankfully the neighbours are all farmers and so just use it as another excuse to point and laugh at the 'hobby farmer' whilst helping me return the bloody-minded Houdinis back where they belong. Still ... they aren't as bad as the pigs. Sigh!

    1. I subscribe to the theory that a farmer ought not raise any species that is smarter than he is.

      That severely limits my opportunities.

    2. LMAO, why I only have chickens. Haven't graduated to cows or hogs yet, still need me some more learning.

  2. Ouch... Hopefully an easy find...


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