Monday, September 26, 2022

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  1. Went into the Goodwill Store last week . They close at six and it was ten till then . When we got in the door the three girls at the register said "we close at six . Please shop quickly " . I did . Two minutes later I found the perfect fitting classy suit for $9.99 and carried up to get checked out . I told the three girls about when we were first married and I worked at McDonalds after school . How they closed at 11pm back then and about this mean old man that would come into the place at five till eleven almost every night to get a burger and sit in the lobby munching it until at least 11:30 . I also told them how we would "doctor" up his burger . They laughed and enjoyed checking us out . They also sold me a classic Hart,Shaffner , and Marx suit for 3 bucks . We got out of there earl , got a great bargain , and enjoyed a good laugh together . Be kind .


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