Friday, September 16, 2022

Fake News Friday: The important thing is that my pronouns were pronounced correctly


Progressives produced a great sigh of relief as thugs finally get the hang of being able to enunciate "Zirrhiplekrupts" and other newly-minted pronouns.

"Finally!" exclaimed Cindy Beagle (today's pronouns canine/furriescue). "I don't mind eating bugs and hypothermia. I don't mind losing my job and paying $3667 a month in rent for a refrigerator box, but hearing muggers stumble over my pronouns du jour simply ENRAGED me."

Snoopy Rella (pronouns arschlenker/charliebrown), Beagle's companion agreed. "All we need are the Kardashians and our pronouns and we are happy. Thank Baal that all of my personalities live in a jurisdiction enlightened enough to realize that caloric intake and basal body-temperatures are arbitrary numbers just like the national debt and focus on the Really Important Things."

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  1. That pronoun thing has me stumped . I've been accused several times by some of my old school friends and relatives on fakebook that are liberal democrats of inflicting great harm to them by my misuse of their determined pronouns. I haven't spent much time on the book since the 2020 election fiasco because Zuck kept me in jail every time I would poast a killer meme and he really got me po-ed . I'm gonna' have to give up the book or my liberal friends I'm afraid . I've tried to exercise patience and mercy but they keep on picking at that zir-zee-cis-whatever scab until it bleeds . You can't make them happy and I give up trying . My brothers concubine has informed me that I have to stop referring to her [oops,sorry] as hir-sie-or ve . I just cannot summon the necessary amount of stupid to do that . I quit !


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