Sunday, September 18, 2022



Progressives justified kicking migrants off of Martha's Vineyard because of a "lack of infrastructure".

That is easy enough to fix. Send every migrant to Martha's Vineyard with a tent, sleeping bag, camp-stove and a 12-pack of ramen noodles. Also give them a map to the estates of the most vocal, pro-immigrant residents and call it good. It should only cost about $200 a person.

Might as well give them the "keys to the city" while we are at it.

I wonder if anybody started a Gofundme for that purpose of supplying immigrants with "infrastructure" to help them establish in places like the Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard.




    And this one wanting £10M to buy them a few houses.

  3. Apparently people want exactly 44 hours of immigrants at MV.

  4. This event should serve to demonstrate the total hypocrisy of the left. Unfortunately concepts like satire, irony and hypocrisy are totally beyond the ability of leftists to comprehend.

  5. There oughta be a law. If you have more than 2 bedrooms in a 20000 square foot house you gotta house an illegal alien. Or 2 or a 100.

  6. so excellent !! email this to the governors of all border states and governor desantis

  7. i hope you have sent this to the governors?
    the martha's vineyard people could av set up camp on all that empty land ideal


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