Wednesday, September 21, 2022

More fencing means less posting


I-115 Persimmon. It is a bad wind that blows no good.
The weather has been unsettled the last few days. Thunderstorms swept through twice yesterday during the day and once today. Winds are gusty and the trees are really shaking.

I don't like walking through the woods in windy weather.

That means that I will need to turn off the electric fence and walk through the pastures to get to the back pasture where I am working on the fence rather than walking around, through the woods.

I am stripping off the barbed wire that the Captain repurposed a decade ago. Barbed wire that is electrified has two major problems. One, it can tangle people and animals up such that they cannot pull-off. Two, it hangs up on any wire it blows against and is seems at least five times more likely to short-out than smooth wire.

Stripping off the barbed wire, rolling it up, tossing it over the fence is slow, pricky work. Replacing cracked insulators is mandatory if I want ten years of trouble-free operation. The work is also unpleasant because my shoes get soaked.

The other portion of this work is to move one paddock division fence. Google maps has a neat feature where you can make a polygon and it will tell you the amount of enclosed area. I fiddled around and found that by moving one paddock division I can make four paddocks that are all almost exactly a half-acre each.

My hope is that the rain softened the ground enough that I can wiggle them around and pull them out...and then move them over.


  1. Wellies? Not the most comfortable footwear I own, but they'll keep your feet dry.

  2. The Southeast Alaskan solution to wet feet - Xtra-Tuffs. Life in a northern rainforest.

  3. Look on Ebay for some vintage Sorel boots . Not the big fluffy winter but the shorter lined but waterproof . I do like the fluffies for winter though . If they show the tag in the tongue and it's made in Viet Nam get them . The Nam quality is unbelievable. Not zippered . Laces . A size bigger than normal for me cause my doggies are wide . You can get them for under $20 if you hang around . That's all I wear unless it gets below zero.

    1. Yeah, had some Sorel Fishhawk pull ons that were awesome wet cool weather boots. Non insulated because I live in the south where cold weather is at the freezing point. No snow whatsoever to deal with.

  4. My contrarian opinion is get yourself a couple pair of water shoes put a cheap pair of gel insoles inside and as long as its not too cold yeah they will get wet but they rinse out. let em dry and you're good to go. I don't know how long the gel soles will last as the same pair are more than five years old.The water shoes last about a year( probably longer if I didn't wear them to get the mail,and take out the garbage. I wear them as slippers inside the house. They don't fall off going up and down stairs but they don't do a lot to keep the feet warm except insulatethe sole of your feet.

  5. Just take your time. No need to rush the work. You're still recovering!

  6. Light posting here, too. I'm busy doing my Fall yard work, and finishing up getting my ground rods/surge supressors installed.

  7. I like my Muck Boots... And they sell them at the shoe store in Charlotte just up the road from you...


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