Sunday, September 4, 2022

Some days are like that...

I had plans for yesterday. I was going to be productive.

I split the 8' long pole we skidded back to the house the other day. It wanted to split into 3 based on the cracks in the ends. I accommodated the "log". In actual practice, I aim for 8'-3" in my logs.

I washed three windows so Mrs ERJ could install some curtains.

Then I installed "brush seal weather-stripping" as secondary seals for my entry doors.

I purchased the 3/16" height as that is a bit more than the width of my door gaps. I installed the strip on the doors along the edge that is closest to the interior so the seal strip engages at the very last bit of closing. That minimizes the scrubbing on the seal and creates a dead-air space between the primary seal on the door-frame and the secondary on the door actual.

That is when my shin started talking to me. The pain was very sudden onset and I don't have a good reason why. It was 9:45 AM and I was done for the day.


  1. Perhaps a new torque or stress on the healing joints. Moving in different ways than normal will produce tangential forces you didn't experience while in recovery-mode.

  2. It sucks to be getting old, because the recovery process is slower, and the forces required to injure old buggers, like us, are less. For old-bugger retired folks, there is wisdom in knowing it is the right time to retire for the day. Chemo for lymphoma taught me this.

  3. Balance is seen as a direct, and easily apparent, indicator of a persons overall health. Why? Because simply standing both requires the use of 'more' muscles, and a degree of greater 'stress', coordination and fine-control, than walking or even climbing.

    Now consider just what you were doing, and how, then tell me how much you strained yourself over even doing a ten-miler.

    Careers that, like nursing, involve long hours of standing (still) usually cause a plethora of leg issues, from muscle, bone, joint and ligament, and even venous/circulatory problems. The solution? Movement, simply walking occasionally (every few minutes) in-between the long hours of static poses prevents those problems.

    Just sayin'


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