Thursday, September 29, 2022

A productive day

I got the anode rod in the water-heater changed out. I told Mrs ERJ it was a three-hour job. It took 20 minutes. Well, it COULD have taken three hours if things had gone poorly. Mrs ERJ suggested I order another anode rod for next year and have it and the tools staged. Smart girl!

I got the lights in the basement either working or changed out. It is much brighter down there.

Mrs ERJ commented that the refrigerator was "warm". I used our IR thermometer and it agreed with her. She may have just caught it in a defrost cycle. This bears watching. I bought some time by buying four, seven-pound bags of ice and stashing two in the fridge and two more in the freezer. I put them in aluminum foil, lasagna pans to catch the drippings. Technically, we have what used to be called "an ice-box".

Mrs ERJ was so pleased with the advice rendered by you, the readers, with regard to the washing machine that she "suggested" I solicit your advice regarding refrigerators. Mrs ERJ favors freezer-on-the-bottom models.

Mrs ERJ had a personal victory that I am not at liberty to disclose but we are both exceptionally happy about it.

Possibility of frost tonight. I brought in the last of the squash and three watermelons.

Oh, and I was able to hobble around today in spite of 6.5 hours on my feet yesterday.


  1. C0ngrats! How many motrin? Lol...
    I like our freezer-on-bottom, but hate the french doors on the fridge portion on top. If you don't close them right, sometimes one will get pushed open by positive air pressure from closing the other.

  2. My first action when finding a warm refrigerator is to pull it out from the wall and vacuum the coils. Animal fur is a great insulator.
    My second action is to check if the accumulator gets cold when the refrigerator is running. If it isn't and the compressor + fan are working, you need more freon. A clamp-on needle valve plus gauges and freon are what is called for.
    Sometimes the thermostat is what quits. Repairing that varies widely with model, so I can't help much there.
    If the compressor isn't working, check the start capacitor. Fan function is easy to determine and not too bad to replace.
    After this is gone through and the refrigerator isn't working, it's time to welcome a new refrigerator to the family.

    1. I think I dodged a bullet. The freezer section is in the mid-teens (F) although not at the recommended 0F. There is no way ice made from pure water could lower the temperature below 32F so the refrigerator must be working.

      THanks for the comments.

  3. Glad to see you got your squash and watermelons in. I had several nice looking hills of cantaloupe this year. About a day or two before each cantaloupe was fully ripe, the deer would get it. They got every cotton pickin' one of them. I guess I will have to chain link or chicken wire them off next time to keep the deer out. I already have a chicken wire enclosure with a top to keep the squirrels out of my tomatoes.

  4. Glad you are making progress, although painfully. You have a good woman there, says a lot about you both.
    After too much money and many years my personal verdict on coolers is: inside (if you must have a small freezer to stage meals) always on the bottom and NO French doors ever. I then always run a stand up freezer only unit in the garage for the woman folk. They are all short enough that they can and have fallen into the chest freezers when going deep for a prize. Especially when pregnant, they just naturally topple in due to the belly weight. If I had room there would be a stand up refer next to a stand up freezer inside. My small beer coolers squirrel away in several areas of the farm are refer only. Single use products last longer. Saves money in the long run.

  5. Bottom freezer good, also find closing french door on fridge sometimes pops other side open a bit. Mine is black so sometimes I dont see if freezer is open a half inch


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