Sunday, September 25, 2022

Unplugging from the "News"

I think it is time for me to take a vacation from what passes for "News" now days.

I did not access any news yesterday and it felt pretty good. I think I will try it for a week. Maybe I will have some Give-a-Gollys in the tank after that.

I will count on the bloggers on the right side of the page to let me know if WWIII or CWII kicks off.


  1. For the purpose of this reply, when I say "the news", I am referring to the Democrat Fascist Industrial Propaganda Machine, ie ABCNBCCBSCNNPBSNPRMSNLSD.
    About three months into the Democrat Party Organized Election Fraud Event (also known as "The Pandemic") my told me she was "edgy/anxious etc. I told her STOP WATCHING THE NEWS !!!!.
    You actually know less by watching the news.
    They are not reporting news
    They are telling you a story (their story)
    You will only know exactly what the Democrat Fascist Party wants you to know (No, Trump did not call Nazis fine people or tell people to drink bleach")
    So she actually stopped watching the news and after about 3 days, said she felt much better.
    There are literally no valid reasons for an intelligent person to watch the news.
    I stopped listening to all AM/FM radio stations because:
    The disgracefully daily coverage of the fake Russian collusion hoax "investigation" for 3 years
    The appalling and disgusting "reporting" on the China Wuhan Virus
    Their non-reporting of a Presidential election being blatantly and openly stolen.

    Damn!!! I hate decaf.............

  2. Watching/reading the news isn't all that bad, just as long as you never, ever believe the news.

    1. Indeed. I always start with ‘they’re lying’ and usually that is correct to some degree.

      Who knows with these things Joe? It could have started already.

  3. It's been 23 years since I turned that shit off here in my house. Life is better without the MSM "news."

  4. "Kill your television" was one of the rallying cries of the hippy movement, wasn't it?
    Now they're in charge and building the propaganda themselves.

    T.V. is nothing more than mind control. Your brainwaves while you watch it resemble deep sleep brain activity.
    It's well known that governments throughout history have used video as the ultimate propaganda tool because humans are more receptive to it than the written word, and the visual sensory assault can be manipulated in many ways.
    It's the reason you should avoid all video broadcasting when it comes to you gathering news about what's going on in the world. Stick to written documented opinion and factual knowledge from those who are there, on the ground seeing things happen first hand.

  5. Television is nothing more than government indoctrination, as damaging as government education.
    Homeschool your children and educate yourself with independent source material.

  6. I haven't watched TV News in Over a decade. When I see some elsewhere, usually in restaurants, it seems so elementary and overhyped.
    I get my news by reading carefully selected sources. I avoid videos at all costs!

  7. Since I'm half deaf, I keep news on as a 'background' noise, and routinely check through the main media, plus Pravda, Daily Mail (UK), Al Jazeera, Axios, AP, Reuters, and a few others. Amazing how 'differently' the same story is presented... or not...

  8. Like many of your readers, I haven’t watched the news or any kind of broadcast television in years. And I believe that I’m happier for it. Free yourself!

  9. The constant fear porn can get a little overwhelming at times...


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