Friday, September 30, 2022

What a difference a quarter-mile makes!

Our neighbors asked me to look after their dog, a Dogo Argentino-Mastif mix*. That means chaining its collar with a double length of logging chain and affixing the other two ends to a concrete pier before opening the door for it to go outside and do its business.

The dog is surprisingly calm after it drains the water-bed and I enjoyed sitting on my neighbors' front stoop and watching the sun rise. I also saw a boatload of deer. The visibility was surprisingly good considering the early-morning haze.

Of particular interest were the deer percolating through the fence and leaving my property. One of them was a doe. She stopped and two fawns came up to her and nursed. While I have many deer use my property, the heavy cover prevents me from seeing them from the house.

*I may have taken liberties with the dog's ancestry for privacy reasons.


  1. We had a doe with fawns hanging around here this summer and it was a joy watching them. But in the past 3 weeks the wolves ate them. ---ken

  2. It's Okay. Wolves are California approved.

    1. That's what I hear. They are approved downstate here in Michigan also. Some are considering trapping some and hauling them downstate to Ann Arbor area to release so the libtards can enjoy them too. --- ken

    2. Shame on you for disrespecting your betters. You know, if they still have that deer overpopulation problem down there, some wolves might help. Can you imagine the hysteria with wolves chowing down on bambi in the city parks. For you out of staters Ann

    3. accidently hit publish. For you out of staters Ann Arbor is home to University of Michigan. You know how to tell a U of M graduate? Just wait 5 minutes, they’ll tell you. Go chippewas!


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