Friday, September 9, 2022

Fake News Friday: Meta offers "Virtual Queen Elizabeth". Brits rejoice

Meta, umbrella company that owns Facebook, recently announced that they have sufficient data to create a virtual version of the much beloved and recently deceased Queen Elizabeth.

Their proposal is to have Queen Elizabeth to continue to have birthdays but in the opposite direction, that is, she will grow younger in time.

Brits rejoice at the prospect of NOT having to embrace the next generation. QE's corgies remain ambivalent.

Megan Markle demands "her share" of the royal jewels.

Prince Andrew got drunk. Again.


  1. The Queen is dead, I blame Putin, Brexit, and the Covid Gang, long live the King!
    Well they get the blame for everything now.

  2. It's going to be an interesting time.

  3. As a Brit, and particularly one that was gazetted five times (which partly explains my ‘dilapidated’ state) and thus stood at attention before Her Majesty a number of times …

    Can I put this in terms of … how would you like/take, constant ‘inappropriate’ comment, pitiful jokes, and outright attacks about Reagan, Kennedy, ... (pick whichever individual you respected) immediately on their demise? The truth is I’m not sure you even have anyone even close to equivalent, in having represented, in many ways defined, your country and its very identity for 70 years – maybe ‘we’ should start ‘making jokes’ about Washington? (The fact that for over half a century when you said “The Queen”, not just in the Anglosphere, but globally, ‘everyone’ knew who you were talking about should indicate just how monumental a presence and effect she has had).

    I’m not saying ‘you’ are doing so, but the deluge of such from your countrymen ‘should’ be embarrassing (thankfully, overwhelmingly, the opposite, with respectful and tactful responses, has been the norm, but there has been way too much inappropriate comment).

    [Almost exclusively (it appears) to be Irish-Americans (note ‘not’ actual Irish, but the plastic-paddy, more-Irish-than-the-Irish but don’t know anything other than propaganda and lies variety) doing this. Knowing thousands in Ireland and here, visiting constantly, being part, Irish, most, other than the usual suspects of marxist globalists, actually ‘like’ England – live, work, are educated, inter-marry without any of the faux-historical-imaginary-exaggerated bitterness the American variety revel in.]

    ‘We’ are going through a ‘difficult’ time now, and more importantly face an uncertain future, not so much in ‘real’ but in identity(?) terms. Like or loathe the very idea of a ‘monarchy’ but our ‘figurehead’ Head of State presented a role-model of morality and decency to the world, and a bulwark against ‘political whim’ for … more than two entire generations (unlike every other countries elected heads, yah think?). She will be sorely missed.

    1. I apologize if I touched a nerve.

      In my clumsy way, I was commenting that the next generation seems unlikely to match QE's sure-footedness and ability to hit the right tone, the ability to lead.

      The next might surprise us by growing under the load but the world waits and watches.

    2. Have you tried to ascertain the political persuasion of the people who deliberately insult the queen? I'll be pounds to donuts that they're leftists of one stripe or another. The pure nonsense that has been the constant refrain for decades is that republicans/the-right are mean spirited and the democrsts/the-left are the caring ones. You can tell it's pure nonsense when an icon passes: Thatcher, Reagan, the Queen. It is the left spewing vitriol. It is the left that hates. It is the left that bullies.

      I have a lot of respect for how the Queen conducted herself. Constantly in the public eye, and I can't point to any major missteps. Almost anyone who has been in the public eye at the same level for even a year has put their foot in their mouth a few times. The Queen left some incredible shoes to fill. She is an excellent role model.

      As an American, I am sorry for out loss. The world's loss. And specifically Great Britain's loss.


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