Saturday, September 3, 2022

"...divisive..."? Try "Inflammatory"

Ultimately, living in an echo-chamber results in the inmates creating their own society where status is obtained by "one-upping" other inmates. Untethered from the greater reality, the inmates spin off into oblivion and fantasy.

Hence Meat-puppet Brandon's inflammatory speech. The puppet's handlers were undoubtedly giving each other high-fives after the performance.


  1. The thing is, just about anyone who knows anything about our culture or history would have known how this would be received, even by left leaning media.... or as Rogan put it: "Who thought this was a good idea?"

    It's as if the people who wrote that speech, the people who choreographed the red lighting on the brick wall, the people who make decisions for our occupational government, are not from around here.

    They now seem completely blindsided by the public response, and are already trying to walk it back. Like they are completely shocked that this didn't work out the way they expected, the way it would have in *their* country.

  2. They are screwing with forces and events they don't understand. This can only end badly now...

  3. Hate to say I think Anonymous makes good sense, Hoping he is wrong is not a good thing to plan on.

  4. As usual, the commies are doing exactly what they accuse others of - in this case directly inciting violence against Republicans. We are now deep into Stage 6 of the 10 stages of genocide.

    Anonymous is right about the intended audience of that speech. The message was out in the clear, not even a "dog whistle". The "walk-back" is for the public who were outraged by the violent rhetoric. But the regime's Brown Shirts got the message.

    And why shouldn't the Democrats drop their masks and escalate their war against America now? Nobody on the right has stood up to them. A few memes and essays on conservative websites (which the Left never see anyway), and a dozen talking heads giving their sternly-worded, Hans Blix speeches on Fox News, are about all the resistance we have put up - and they don't mean a darn thing. The Left will not stop until they are stopped. Is Claire Wolfe still right?

    1. "Is Claire Wolfe still right?"

      Most are still saying "don't take the bait", and I'm still saying it too. I think our position improves after they cancel the elections, or rig them *obviously*, however:

      Eventually, all life must defend itself against violence with violence. Intelligent life must consider defending itself against intelligent *threats* of voiolence, when it is clear, present, and credible. These are existential issues, but there are ways of living which some of us deem not worth living. Anyone with a sense of honor has *something* they are willing to die for. I, will not be enslaved, but timing can be everything.... so "don't take the bait" rules the day. However:

      In the Gulf of Tonkin, an american naval vessel tried to bait the VC into firing opon their vessel, which would then be used as casus belli, but the VC didn’t take the bait. So the vessel fired upon them. They *still* didn’t take the bait. So they just lied, and said they did, as McNamara confessed in his book years later.

      When they’re good and ready, they’ll just say we took the bait, and the result will be indistinguishable from if we had. So… *not* taking the bait, just means we delay the inevitable until they are good and ready for it, when they think conditions support them.

      There are *moral* and *ethical* arguments here that are *huge*, and each of us must give serious and long deliberation to the matter, for we are not hypocrites, and the truth matters to us. But “don’t take the bait” is not a viable defense in a “jail house” environment. It just delays the inevitable, and escalates it by causing our opponents to become more invested.

      We’re screwed either way. Think hard and long with your own values, and draw your conclusions about what sort of life is worth living. Draw your own lines, with the clear and certain conviction which hard and long thinking affords. Then aquire what you need to defend yourself, identify at what point you lose the *ability* to defend yourself, and plan accordingly.


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