Sunday, September 4, 2022

How much time must pass before a "fad" will be properly mocked?


Do you remember polyester leisure suits, platform shoes and dashikis?
Let me be the first to throw a stake into the ground.

I propose that two generations, 40 years, must pass before a "fad" can be properly evaluated.

One generation must pass for those who created the fad to fade from the scene.

The second generation must pass before those who were promoted due to brown-nosing the first generation must pass away.

It is notable that Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years such that virtually no Jew who was an adult when they left Egypt was still alive when they reached the Promised Land.

Gender Re-assignment is a fad

I doubt that I will be around in 2062 but I bet gender re-assignment will not be a priority.

Furthermore, I believe it will be seen as an evil fad used by manipulative adults to further their social status.

They will be baffled by the motives and sanity of those who threw government policy behind making this fad.


  1. Not sure if I'd call it a fad, as fads are typically harmless, if annoying.

    It's more the case of a popular delusion that is both medically and mentally harmful to the majority of the recipients and society as a whole, being foisted on society by a bunch of indoctrinated deluded fools and/or evil mad(persons).

  2. Odd thought from you friend.

    Clothing fads harmed nobody; stupid management fads harmed the company but eventually they went broke (like Disney is well on that way) but new companies arose to fill market needs.

    Chopping up human bodies isn't a fad it's a form of Satan Worship. Satan's greatest trick is getting folks to believe He doesn't exist.

    Ephesians 6:

    The Armor of God
    …11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.…

  3. Yeah, I'm with Michael on yhis one. While I agree with the thought experiment, I don't think it applies in this case.
    This isn't just external adornment we're talking about (japanese foot binding and those african girls with stretched necks due to stacked necklaces come to mind). Those expanding rings/guages that are popular in peoples ears today is a passing fad.
    The gender swapping mutilation going on is a part of a concerted effort to shatter and destroy our entire society. The external visuals are meant to convey a message, that is pure evil and satanic. They are coming after the children. Literally.

    1. History is replete with examples of fads that were harmful, even deadly: radioactive "tonics", corsets, blood letting (though it works in some cases), tide pods, etc. In most cases the harm was not *obvious* to the participants, though perhaps it could hav been. I would argue that makes them fads is their short duration, and that their primary appeal is their "novelty", rather than reason or logic.

      We're not conditioned to think of fads as deadly, but "culture is not your friend", and it can and will kill you.

  4. I agree with those above. What we see today about gender reassignment, equality, reparations, etc aren't fads - they are deliberate attempts to destroy society.
    Having said that, the push back is mounting and several European countries are scaling back government support for gender reassignment, so hope for sanity is a glimmer on the horizon...

  5. Well, to be fair, when I saw outfits like this in Sears and JC Penny catalogs back in the 70's, I thought to myself, 'no way, no freakin' way am I ever..." I felt sorry for the models, even though I thought they were probably dweebs.

    That's not what I think of when I see the proud photos of the young lady with her doctor, her open smock showing the double masectomy scars. What I see there is my little girl, and my thoughts that follow about the doctor are more in line with an Israeli's, thinking about Mengele.

  6. How long has it been, and we still wont admit the truth about the witch trials, that it was jealous women ‘punishing’ other women and seeking power and status that caused, started and spread the evil. (The blatant lie that it was Christianity at fault, or that it was men alone, many of whom ‘did’ do what the women wanted for profit or just because they were evil, but the majority of records show that most of the men involved tried to limit the damage being pushed/demanded by women).

    This is exactly the same. As they say “When you see a vegan cat, you know who is making that decision”. There could be as many Dr. Mengele’s as you want, and it would go nowhere, until the ‘mothers’ and ‘teachers’ indoctrinating and forcing their children into this started the whole thing.

    This whole gender and trans (and the gay thing before it) is women doing their Münchhausen by proxy act, seeking power, money and status for themselves, yet again*. (In every society/culture, women define and enforce the cultures norms and values, so what we see here/now is women choosing the extremes and depravity now prevalent).

    Just as the whole tatts and piercings (and the entirety of feminism if we’re honest) thing is a bunch of female failures who, looking around and seeing that they have ruined their lives, decide (rather than regret and act to correct ‘themselves’) it’d be better to make everyone else as ugly and screwed up as they are (to excuse and justify their bad choices with “look, I wasn’t a pathetic failure, everyone else does it too”).

    As I grow older I more and more realize that the “Hot/Crazy matrix” is unassailable truth, and that (as millennia of history show) whenever a society/culture allows women power over it, it degenerates and collapses.

    So? I don’t think ‘we’ will be around long enough to ever regret these particular ‘fads’, but maybe our successors will use them as warnings.

    [* What? You think women who demand the right to murder their children, wouldn’t cheerfully use them for money, power and status?

    Years ago I noticed something, apparently minor, but notably major in effect. I noticed that whist men, on discussing their children, described them as “who” (“I have two children who ...”), women, on the whole, described them as “that” (“I have two children that …”). One describes individuals, the other effectively describes things, property, and that is exactly how many women view ‘their’ children, as tools to get them what they desire, if not weapons to be used against others.]

    P.S. I vehemently deny ever wearing a lime-green paisley shirt and flares (with six button waist band) - I destroyed the negatives so you'll never prove it but ... I only did it, like so many other stupidities, to try to impress a girl. And isn't that the reality of almost every idiocy ever enacted anywhere?


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