Sunday, September 25, 2022

Three-thirds makes a whole

Hotel manager educates demanding customer on math and fractions

One of my nephews spent the weekend in Ludington, Michigan at a tourist hotel.

The hotel had recently changed management and service was not what he expected. In fact, the toilet clogged the very first time he used it.

He went up to the office to complain to the manager and he was asked, "How many plops before you flushed?"

"That question doesn't make any sense" Mack replied.

"Sure it does. Only tree plops and then flush. If you need to go more, than another tree and then flush again".

"That still doesn't make any sense" Mack replied.

"Sure it does. Tree-turds makes a hole but four-turds is bigger than a hole."


  1. That accent could be Yoopers too.

    Ludington ... isn't that where the ferry leaves from to Wisconsin?

    1. Yessireebob. The Badger. Probably the last coal-fired steamer in the US fleet.


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