Friday, September 9, 2022

Fake News Friday: Washington Post fires all reporters

Mako Shark (M.A. Journalism 1989, MSU (Making Shit Up)) Managing Director of the Washington Post announced that it will be laying off all of its reporters and editors.

"This is a very competitive environment for a traditional newspaper" he said.

"We are reinventing the Washington Post and will adopt a new motto 'Next week's news in Today's headlines'"

"For a very small fraction of what I have been paying reporters to report from major, U.S. cities I can hire a call-center in Bangalore to comb through crazy, right-wing websites for emerging issues and condense their findings into written reports."

"It is not like our readers expect us to be accurate or to confirm what we report. They just want to be the first to know; Hence the shift to reporting events before they actually happen."

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  1. I'll assume the NYT will leap frog the Post by printing stories that didn't happen but should have. It's a tough life in the MSM.


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