Monday, September 5, 2022

Peter Kreeft's "Commencement address lies"

1.) You can be whatever you want to be.

2.) The most important person in the whole, wide world is YOU!

3.) The world needs you. You are the messiah.

4.) You need an education in creative thinking.

5.) You need an education in critical thinking.

6.) Spiritual pacifism; all peace is good including peace with the devil. All problems can be solved with dialog, just as Eve had dialog with the devil.

7.) The world needs Peace and Justice.

8.) Tolerance is the supreme good.

9.) All you need is love.

10.) The exaltation of freedom is an end rather than a means.

Source 20 minute run-time


  1. Truths said to my children

    The universe does not care about your feelings or happiness.

    No one can make you happy. That has to come from within.

    However, i CAN make you unhappy, and i will if you do not clean your room, stop talking back to your mom, whatever infraction.

  2. A very wise old man . Quite a speech chock full of biblical wisdom. It's a gift . You can't buy it .

  3. Sounds like someone needs to be introduced to Jack Donovan's short essay "Violence Is Golden".

  4. Well, I would have to agree. Especially after reading the heading as "LINES" not "LIES". I erased a lot of great points that surprised me at how quickly that popped up in my mind....

  5. Sadly, modern civilization is built on the veneer that this points emphasize. It is a very thin veneer that assumes any number of variables are all going well in order to achieve.

    1. Agreed. As we've seen over the past 2 years, everything has to work right and together - yanking one piece out messes up the whole.
      It isn't a resilient system...


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