Monday, September 5, 2022

Walk-abouts and fences


Does anybody want to guess the backstory?

It has been dry here

A puffball, one of the few mushrooms I can identify


I planned to go for a long walk today but the fence needed attention and that took priority.

I did squeeze in a three mile walk this morning before we went to see Mom.

Last week's nine-mile walk averaged 1.75mph. That is a little bit misleading because I had two people stop and chat with me but I don't have an honorable way to back the time I spent chatting out of the total elapsed time.

The three mile walk was much faster. I walked the first mile at a blistering 2.1mph pace (28 minutes). The second mile was faster at 2.4mph (25 minutes) and the third mile was faster yet at 2.6mph (23 minutes).

Part of the trick was that I was throwing my arms fore/aft more vigorously in the second and third mile. That lengthened my stride and seemed to smooth it as well.

After visiting Mom, Mrs ERJ and I swung through Walmart to pick up a few items. I honestly think I was walking more smoothly than 20% of the other shoppers including some who were much younger than I am.

Jail break

I found where the girls broke out.

One of the complications is that it is on Sprite's property so I need to clear every improvement with her first. Many times, my ability to describe the picture in my head fails me. That makes it hard to communicate what I plan to do.

Presented without comment


  1. Must be a way to keep family members off the couch. Works well for our fur critters.

    1. Zeus was making himself at home. I heard it snap. When I went out of the bed room a few hours later, Zeus was on the far side of the room.

  2. '66 Coronet! Remember, always Dodge, never Ram!

  3. Did you get that joke from your "dadsabase"?


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