Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wednesday playing hooky

 Just a couple of quick notes.

I got in a 1.5 mile run today. Time to get back to the old grind. Allergies knock me on my kiester in early June. Then catching up on garden and yard work. I hope to ramp up quickly.

1100 b50 GDD

I saw a few Japanese Beetles today. They seem to be attracted to yellow. I found them in the water in one of my repurposed kitty litter buckets. I saw one a few days ago. 1100 b50 Growing Degree Days.

Lightning bugs are getting thick.

I also noticed the distinct odor of chestnut tree pollen. Same GDD.

Cattails are almost done pollinating. The survival books say you can collect cattail pollen and use it like flour. 

Fishing report

Shotgun slayed the fish tonight. Everybody else left. Then, at the stroke of 10 no sooner would he toss out his bobber and he would have another bite.

He started tying into them after he whittled away the fish-head he was using for bait. Then the hook started finding the bullheads. I think scent was leaching out of that big, old bluegill head and was calling them from all over.

My new smartphone went swimming. A boater had beached his boat between our lines and he fouled my line when he came in. I bent over to unsnarl the line that was tangled around his lower unit and "Bloop!", into the drink it went. I would like to blame the boater but it was my lack of attention that was at fault.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to clean fish, mowing, spraying weeds, spraying potatoes and baking rolls. I also have an assignment to go through our assets and double-check the beneficiaries. Time marches on.

Roto-tilling will be Saturday. Historically, I need three dry days before the soil is dry enough to work.

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  1. Sigh... THAT is why I carry mine in a holster on my belt.


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