Friday, June 11, 2021

What can we deduce about former-Senator K. Harris?

In a previous lifetime, I went to a symposium and one of the speakers referenced a paper written by an Applied Mathematics Doctoral candidate from Oklahoma State University.

The context of the problem the Doctoral candidate was working on revolved around the active control of wing-flutter on aircraft. If it were possible to sense vibration modes with an accelerometer on each wing, then perhaps tiny control surfaces could be tweaked to dampen out the kinetic energy before it built up to dangerous levels.

The key finding of the Doctoral candidate was that in spite of everybody's hopes and gut feel, every mode required a dedicated accelerometer, that nothing magical happened by flipping measurements into the frequency domain.

In real life, what it means is that if you have two pieces of information then you cannot draw three, independent  conclusions from it. You might draw two conclusions that are different than my two conclusions and that is Kosher. What is not Kosher is for me to combine your conclusions with mine.

Former-Senator Harris

Former-Senator Harris bobbled the interview question "When will you visit the border?" twice in just a few days.

Conclusion One: Former-Senator Harris is extraordinarily rigid. She shows very little ability to deviate from her set-piece battle plan during interviews and from day-to-day

Conclusion Two: As of 8:00 AM, EST today she does not have a plan to visit the border and probably does not have anybody assigned to that task.


  1. ever hear " Iam from the G and I am here to help you." Maybe just as well she stays away...
    CM Dutch

  2. If the plan is, 'No one is as fluid as I am; I am deeply committed to non-commitment', then yes, she is very rigid.

    Such lackadaisical regard is seen as beneficial by some. You may draw your own conclusions about the distinctions of such persons.

    (I must now go wash myself; so offensive is it that even writing of that despicable person feels dirty and unclean. More so, her ability to offend is not a by-product, it is the very aim of her behaviors. Look back upon every instance of her career as proof.)

  3. Proof that prostitution increases neither mental capacity or knowledge. Her laughing reaction is an attempt to deal with mental overload, similar to a deer in the headlights. She is waaaay in over her head.

  4. Her only qualification was her sex. Don't say her "gender". Sex is the correct word for more than one reason.