Monday, June 14, 2021

More potato, cabbage and lumber pictures


After pulling weeds but before tilling the between the rows

After tilling between the rows. The row with the flowers is Kennebec and the frosty-green in the upper, center is my stand of rye. In two weeks the potatoes will be sprawling and it will be impossible to do any tilling. That fueled my sense of urgency.

The Deadon cabbage are in the ground.

I was going to plant these a few days ago but I had to deal with a woodchuck. There is no point in planting cabbage when an adult woodchuck can mow down an entire row of small plants.

Enhanced view of cabbages. The soil is powdery-dry.

And the mess to the left of the cabbages?

A tree nursery. These are persimmon seedlings marked with plastic spoons.

and some turnips going to seed.

My friend from church sent some pictures of the wood I helped stack on the truck.
13/16", stacked and stickered

More 13/16" stacked and stickered

Some of the 2-by patiently waiting. I wasn't invited to this party. I think my friend from church is a millionaire at this point.


  1. Just curious, is that a years worth of potatoes for your family? I have maybe 1/4 that many planted, but we don't eat a lot of potatoes.

    1. Right now, not very much. Bella likes to eat a different kind of food every day of the month. Kubota...well, he likes gooey foods like mac-and-cheese.

      My gut feel is that if we were hungry we could eat 120 pounds a month. The best year I ever had for potatoes was 1200 pounds and we didn't get them all dug.

    2. A relative by marriage, upon learning that I was attempting to grow food in containers last year, suggested I grow potatoes. I looked into this because they're supposed to be easy to grow. I found out that if you were able to choke down 3 pounds per person per day you would get a bit over 1000 calories/day. I say choke down because while I like potatoes.... So to get 40% of a most likely insufficient 2500cal/day diet, you need to grow 1100 lbs of potatoes/person. And if you are planting, weeding, and harvesting 4500 lbs of potatoes by hand you're gonna need a bigger boat er diet.

  2. Thanks for the update. Your skill, knowledge and experience with growing food should soon be more valuable than the lumber.

  3. That is a LOT of wood! :-) And nice job on the garden!

  4. Just topped off my gas tank and made a 'last trip' to the grocery store. Just in case...


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